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Keith Allison is a 30 year veteran of the imprinted garment industry, having touched on all aspects of decoration including airbrushing, screen printing, heat printing and everything in between!

Genuine Siser Material? How Do You Really Know?

How Do You Know You're Using Genuine Siser Material? At Siser, we understand the time and monetary investment you have in your heat transfer vinyl business.  Since 1970 we've engineered and manufactured the highest quality materials possible to improve, protect, and strengthen that investment.  Our goal is not only to manufacture the best heat transfer [...]

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How (and Where) Siser HTV Materials are Made

Ever wondered where your favorite materials come from? Ahhh... the age old question... "Where do Siser materials come from"? Only slightly less well known than "which came first, the chicken or the egg?". You stumble to find an answer... "little heat press elves" or you freak out and say "it's brought by a stork in [...]

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You May Be Asking, How Many EasyWeed Colors Can I Layer?

How Many EasyWeed® Colors Can I Layer? When people who are new to the industry first see layered Easyweed® on a shirt, their minds start racing. I’ve seen it at trade shows, they start thinking of all the designs and logos that they’ve come across and didn’t think they could achieve using a cuttable product. [...]

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The Power of Personalization

Personalization. It's Not Just Applying Numbers and Logos... Let me start off this post by saying that I've been in the personalization game in one way or another for 30 years. I started as a part time artist at a local print shop when I was 15. I would go in at 5am and get [...]

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100 Items You Can Decorate with Heat Transfer Vinyl pt. 2

50 More Items to Decorate with Heat Transfer Vinyl So hopefully I've opened your eyes a little on the different types of items you can heat print on with heat transfer vinyl. Sure, some of them are items you may have guessed at or maybe even printed yourself. in this part 2, I'll show you [...]

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100 Items You Can Decorate with Heat Transfer Vinyl pt. 1

Seriously? 100 items? Nope. Just kidding. There aren't 100 items you can heat print on... there are probably THOUSANDS of items you can heat print on! This post is part 1 of the top 100 items you're most likely to print with heat transfer vinyl and a heat press. There are likely hundreds of niche [...]

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